Adieu Wellington!

They say all good things must come to an end, and after 10 weeks in Wellington I’ve bid my farewells.

I feel like I have a new lease on life. I came here dissatisfied and uninspired. I’ve gone home having come full circle: fresh, inspired, optimistic.

While my outlook may have changed, circumstances remain largely the same. I’ve returned home needing to find work and a new flat.

The thought of living at home temporarily “contracting” at the sprightly age of 27 is less than inspiring.

And the question that vexed me when I came to Wellington still remains. Do I continue to pursue a career in TV/Film, challenging as it may be. Do I move into Communications like I studied? Do I get a “real job?”  – what do I actually want?

Do I escape reality and go overseas? Do I move overseas in the guise of looking for work in greener pastures?

No matter where we go, and where we come back to, these same age old questions still vex us.

We may aspire to be free, have no ties, but in reality this is not possible. Wherever we are we set up roots.

But I have returned to Auckland fresh. Things are looking good, I’ve got a few cards on the table work wise and I feel better equipped to play them.

And I’ve realised it’s the simple things in life that bring happiness. Long walks on the beach, good companionship, a sense of purpose and my daily green smoothie never goes amiss.


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