A reflection on the strange industry I work in… and life…

Work has been strangely enough rolling in and I’ve been benefiting from the luxuries of the freelance world — good coin, good food, good coffee, good people and good variety.

Variety is arguably is the spice to life. It’s not essential, but it sure as hell keeps things interesting.

I stumbled across this quote recently,  which made me realise how important our work is in terms of life fulfillment. The sheer fact it occupies 40++ hours a week is one thing, but I think as humans we have an innate desire to be challenged and feel like we’re  being meaningful. And work seems to be the most measurable way to create meaning.


I’ve always had an innate sense for what I don’t want to do, this idealism has often been a hinderance as I’m very easily dissatisfied. But I think in a way, this has been a blessing as it has kept me striving to pursue the unknown.

These dreams have never been concrete, or one goal per se, but just a strange desire or glimmer of an idea I follow somewhat blindly.

And I’ve discovered I love what I do. What exactly that is I’m still working out.

But I love that beneath the glamour of the Film/TV/TVC industry it is indeed not that glamourous at all. It’s a bunch of tenacious people working collectively. But I like these people. I feel like they are my people. We gel.

I like that I am constantly challenged, constantly learning, and freelancing gives me room to do my own projects on the side.

Where will I be in 5 years? I have not the foggiest of an idea.  But I have a feeling it’ll be a good place. Call me a hopeless idealist, but I believe in dreams and intuition, and think we do best to follow these.

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