Finally! Rush. A car racing movie worth seeing…

Don’t go to men who are willing to kill themselves driving in circles looking for normality

I’ve always rather passionately hated car racing movies, so I’m baffled to say I fell for Ron Howard’s Rush. And it wasn’t just because Chris Hemsworth is the biggest babe I’ve seen on screen for some time.

Okay, it’s partially because I was drooling at this beautiful blonde dreamboat who epitomised masculinity — but there was so much more to the movie than just eye candy.

And no I’m not talking about my gourmet ice cream cone either.

What I really loved about the movie was the passion depicted.

These men had so much passion for that they did. Their passion for racing wasn’t logical, it wasn’t the safe bet, it wasn’t what society wanted (they were both disowned from their affluent families for racing) but they loved what they did and racing made them feel alive. ALIVE.

And the passion was real — the movie is in fact based on a true story. It’s set in the late 70s, admist the Formula 1 World Grand Prix. It was a golden age.

And these men just happened to be wearing oh so manly racing uniforms and driving vintage race cars fast — real fast.

The whole thing was rather sexy really. The rivalry between the two men was electric. Their passion was moving. Emotions were raw. All in all, I was inspired.



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