Undies for New Years

What colour undies are you packing this new years?

New years resolutions are old. This year I’m doing it the Brazilian way and packing some coloured lingerie.

I recently had the pleasure of a conversation with a Brazilian lady who enlightened me on the matter undies and luck.

Brazilians are superstitious folk. Everyone wears white on New Years to bring in luck for the year ahead. But beneath the white is a rainbow assortment of underwear. No surprise really, this is Brazil we’re talking about.

For those in the dark of the meaning behind your undies, here you go.

Yellow – wealth & success

Red – passion & romance

White – harmony & happiness

Blue – health & tranquility

Green – wellbeing & luck

Pink – love

The Brazilian lady I met wore pink last year, this year she needs some passion to re-spark that love.

As always, I want it all. I’m still feeling the Christmas festivities so tossing up between RED and GREEN. A tough decision really.

And the catch is you need to buy new underwear for the occasion. Not that I’m really complaining, any excuse to hit Bendon.

So what lingerie will you be buying in the boxing day sales? Luckily here we don’t wear white, so your desires will be hidden from the masses.


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