All about Samba

from African slaves to feathers on the streets of Rio…. my blog a la dance.

Samba is an icon of Brazil, immortalised by its sexy costumes worn at Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. Despite it being the biggest carnival worldwide, I’m willing to bet more people could describe the costumes, then tell you the city the event is held in.

The costumes are hand sewn, and adorned with sparkly jewels, feathers and I believe there’s some fabric involved too. The giant headpiece is iconic, as is the g-stringed bikini. But there is more to Samba then this stellar costume.

Samba is a dance of celebration and joy — this is of course what the costumes are expressing. It’s often danced solo and characterised by its fast hip and foot movement.

Samba originates from the lower class Afro-Brazilian community. It’s rumored to have been brought to Brazil by the West African slaves, during Portugal’s colonisation in the 19th century. Their traditional dancing was mixed with the local music. Despite the…

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