I’ve been enjoying the stream of make up free selfies on my social media newsfeeds.

I particularly like the ones of the girls with eye lash extensions. I had no idea it was possible to look so beautiful without make up on.

I am slightly disappointed that the world looks so good without make up though. Damn filters, soft lighting and high angles.

I think the terms of execution for this exercise should have been slightly modified however. Imagine:

Get your plus one to post a picture of you with no make up on, and you have no say in the selection process nor any veto power. Then we would have seen a very different set of selfies populating our feeds. And dare I suggest it, a lot of arguing couples and a lot of untagging.

But it’s really great that people are such kind souls who believe in charity. And at least now all your friends know how naturally beautiful and benevolent you really are.

Maybe a touch too sarcastic. A touch.

But really, it’s a bit of scam that we’ve all fallen for. The line between a selfie and cancer? It’s a little bit hazy.

“If anything, it was trivialising a very serious issue and using it to justify a vanity project”


Globally, we take 900 million selfies an hour. That’s ridiculous. This is just an extension of that, under the guise of charity.

Still, it’s proven to be a genuis non-intended campaign — raising over 3 million dollars in just two days. The key to success, clearly, is appealing to our egos.

And now that I’ve posted this rant, I suppose I shall never be able to post a selfie again. Unless… I call it for what it actually is, a cry for adoration and affirmation. Hey, who doesn’t love a little love on mass. Lets just be honest about our intentions.









This article provides an interesting read on the growing selfie addiction and its link to narcissism, addiction and mental illness.



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