Costa Rica erupts in rose petals

This is my world.

I work in the land of TV Commercials, and I’m a hopeless wanderer who is in fact jetting off on a little trip to Costa Rica in a few months. For me this is the perfect fusion of likes.

This advert is why I work in the industry I do. I like art. And the idea of helping create something both beautiful and powerful in its simplicity.

Sony’s latest TVC uses 8 million rose petals, blasting them from Irazú’s Volcano into the surrounding indigenous village. Apparently it took two weeks to collect all the rose petals. I imagine the scent on set must have been out of this world.

I’m only 5 months behind.. worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet. RY X’s song Berlin is beautiful, immediately adding RY X to my Spotify. Hoping one day I’ll get to work on something as sweet as this.

flower-petal-explosion-sony-4k-ultra-hd-1This article provides interesting insights into the production process. Rose petal fridge trucks, imagine!

Here’s a link to the making of the TV Commercial. Loved watching the expressions on the local kids faces.


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