Weekend Markets

Today I ventured out to a new weekend market, and was pleasantly surprised by how much fresh produce you can pick up with the $12 change in your wallet.

It feels kinda good haggling with locals, and knowing the money is (hopefully) going to them and not some corporate conglomerate.

It takes me back to when I was living in Wellington, and every weekend for a pittance I’d stock up on fresh goodness.

My fridge is now so full of fruit and veggies I’m inspired with countless healthy meals for the week. For afternoon tea I had my favourite tropical green smoothie, and with dinner an old favourite salad — grated beetroot, carrot, apple with lemon juice and pumpkin seeds.

I’ve still got radishes, avocado, spring onions, lemon and Kale galore. The creative juices are beginning to flow.. and mum even scored some sweet flowers for Mother’s Day…

IMG_8603 IMG_8604 IMG_8607 IMG_8615




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