1st World Chick Problems

So changing your car oil, it’s a seemingly easy task. Unfortunately it can require the assistance of 2 women, 5 men and 2 trips to the petrol station.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never changed the oil in my car. I like to think I have, but in fact I pay the mechanic to do it with my car service.

I’m not even entirely sure how to open my car bonnet. I of course know how to do it in theory, but we all know that that the reality of something can be very different.

The oil light on my dashboard had been flashing for 4 days straight. I could no long convince myself the oil light was faulty. I pull into the petrol station.

I try in vain to get the bonnet to open. I enlist the help of a capable independent women who is opening her own bonnet but she too fails. Next step, the gas station man.

I coyly enquire about which oil to buy. I buy it. I then admit I need help opening my bonnet. After some embarrassing questions about how long I’ve owned my car, he leaves the gas station unmanned and comes out. He opens the bonnet, gives me a lesson in filling the oil and dashes back inside.

I go to open the lid on the oil bottle. It won’t budge. I’m determined I can do this myself. Two concerned guys in a passing car have to stop to help me.

Finally, we’re winning. I pour the oil in and get the sweet satisfaction of a job well done. I give myself a pat on the back and assure myself I’ll know how to do it next time. The next day my oil light comes on again.

After 2 days I can no longer convince myself the oil light is faulty. I stop at a gas station. I can’t get the bloody bonnet to open, and give up trying when I get thick oil all over my hands.

I go into the gas station. I know which oil to buy. I enlist the man for help. He doesn’t seem impressed I can’t open my bonnet myself. I get this dreadful feeling as we open it up.

The oil canister has no lid on it. The oil has flown all over the inside of my bonnet. “That’s so weird” I keep murmuring, unwilling to admit I forgot to put the oil cap back on. The guy doesn’t seem convinced. I like to think of myself as an independent capable women, unfortunately I’ve now shattered this image for myself.


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