The Art of Indecision


I have very much mastered the art of indecision. but you too can star in your own Sliding Doors fantasy.

Why lock yourself down to one decision, when you could have several options continually available to constantly mull over in your head. You’ll never get bored.

And if you do finally make a decision, then there’s always the option to second guess it. Then you can be truly sure that every decision is exactly what you want… you hope.

The true art to indecision is to learn to ignore you gut, that inner voice that speaks softly and sweetly to you. Once at this stage, things will become very confusing and you’ll need to look to others for guidance.

Friends and family will love you. Everyone likes a little bit of good entertainment, and there’s nothing more riveting then listening to someone hypothesise every possible outcome without drawing any concrete conclusions.

It makes them feel great, because they can demonstrate their decisive superiority and it makes you feel great because you made someone else feel great. It’s a win win.

The other good thing about shopping for advice, is that it lengthens your list of possibilities. Then you can also consider trying to appease everyone else with your decision making. Layers of complexity are great.

Another key skill to master is avoidance. Once you master avoidance, you’re half way there. If you avoid something for long enough often the decision makes itself. Which really takes a lot of the responsibility off your shoulders.

To summarise:

Never stop second guessing
Learn to ignore your intuition
Discuss potential decisions with as many people as possible
Keep it complex
And master avoidance

Indecision is the key to flexibility. Why read fantasy novels when pondering decisions can keep you equally entertained? Happy undeciding!


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