Without my much loved iPhone 6 by my side I feel naked. I keep reaching out for that reassuring touch, and then find it missing.

I feel isolated, disconnected… like I’m yearning for something that’s lost.

I miss it’s beautiful gold exterior, it’s superior camera and the way it connects me to an endless virtual world.

I hear my familiar text sound, then realise it’s not me. Just someone else. It’s a crushing realisation.

I think back to that fateful afternoon when it slipped into the depths of the pool. I can see it in slow motion falling through the semi salted water. That days selfies lost in time. No amount of rice or warmth would bring the iPhone back to life.

I have such fond memories of all the times we spent together. So many photos taken together. Memories itched forever into it’s internal memory.

I try use iMessage and Facebook Messenger on my Mac but it’s not the same. I miss the constant sense of connection. The companionship. Me and my phone by my side. Hanging, chilling, whatever.

I know with time the feeling will fade. They’ll repair my phone or I’ll get a new one. But for now, the feeling of the space is like an elephant in the room.


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