You know your life has taken a few interesting twists and turns of late when you find yourself lying on a strange couch one Sunday afternoon. No I wasn’t direly hungover, but about to enter into a deep slumber, otherwise known as hypnosis.

I’d only met Forest twice. Once on a winery roadie and once at Disco dress up party. Of course we’d hit it off instantly.

If you picture someone named Forest, she’s exactly what your imagination conjures up. Beautifully ethereal, coupled with a grounded wisdom belying her age. She seems almost otherworldly, whilst simultaneously being so very earthy.

Just the type of person you’d trust to lead you into a hypnosis.

“You have to let me hypnotise you.” She’d yelled on the dance floor over disco beats. “I’m very good!”

I’d of course agreed, tipsy yes, but also inherently curious. I’d been particularly introspective in recent times so it seemed fitting.

A week later I snuggle into her blanket, admiring an insanely cool interior space. Typical north Melbourne vibes: minimalism meets bright pops of colour with vintage furniture. Yes, of course, it was all actually her Grandma’s.

“Hypnosis probably won’t work on me!” I warned her.

I’m a stickler for honesty, and thought best to forewarn her so she wasn’t hugely disappointed.

I close my eyes. On instruction they flutter like a butterfly, weighing heavy on my lashes. And I disappear into an unknown world seeking the darkest depths of my psyche.

Except funnily enough I’m still awake. Her British Kiwi hybrid accent instructs me to walk down ten stairs, and slowly we enter the realm of my sub-conscious.

At this point in time I hover between a mix of skepticism, openness and of course pure intrigue. Then slowly vivid images start to populate my mind.

Several memories play, hazy visuals juxtaposed with startling clear ones. Memories as young as three, long forgotten many moons ago.

We dissect them slowly. Feelings in another moment, time fragmented with jarring illusions.

I don’t know how much time passes. Perhaps hours. Tears are shed and I’ve come face to face with memories I didn’t even know existed.

Forest then records a positive track. It’s full of all the warm fuzzy things you should really say to yourself daily but of course never do. 

It’s also designed, based on my memories, to counteract any negative thought patterns I may have acquired over time. I’m to listen to it for 21 days, as that is not only the perfect time calculated to create a habit but also to re-wire the brain.

I’m a fairly creative sort, with an overactive imagination, so I wonder how much was real and how much perceived. Yet a conversation with my mum, confirms a lot of what I described.

I must say I’m impressed. Although not entirely stoked with this news.

I’ve ventured into my inner psyche, and made it back to tell the tale. Will this provide insights into my current day to day world? Ask me in 21 days. Look for the head-phoned girl pacing the streets of Melbourne, smiling to herself in somewhat of a trance.

More here:

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 9.50.29 am

Image: Tiko Giorgadze



One thought on “Hypnotised 

  1. This was an enjoyable read.
    It flows easily with just the right
    amount of facts to keep my interest.

    Promotes hypnosis in a very positive
    and intriguing light.

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