Baby Face Syndrome

Yes, for some of us it’s a very real problem. We all desire the elixir of youth, but are there downsides to looking younger than you are?

People judge us within 7 seconds. Have a look, go.












Young. Sweet. Innocent. Naive. Inexperienced. Awful, the list goes on… Baby pink definitely doesn’t help. Neither does the dimple or ringlets or butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth smile. I chose this photo, yes, but to illustrate my point. Luckily I no longer go around in muted pastels.

Perception is huge. Your level of wisdom and maturity is often judged on your perceived age. So if people think you’re young it’s not really a good thing. Unless your trying to sneak into a movie as a student, and then you saved yourself $5. Score.

I always looked old for my age until I was 12. Then I stopped growing. And since then my height, face and chirpy disposition have all made me seem younger then I actually am.

Earlier in my career, I received a promotion of sorts, but was told my pay wouldn’t match the previous contractors as I was younger. I looked too young. I seemed too young. I lacked ‘life experience’. It’s bullshit really.

And so I’ve put it to the test.  If I dress maturely and wear reading glasses? People treat me completely differently. They actually take me seriously. It’s remarkable.

Luckily my age seems to be catching up with me. My face is now less round, my cheeks less rosy, and I no longer have the starry eyed look of youth. I in fact pass off as a semi-mature adult. It’s a bit weird. While I’m not sure I’m completely happy with this, in terms of work it’s probably good thing. But I’ll forever be a Peter Pan at heart.


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