The disappointment of the after

I’m talking about post school camp syndrome. The strange feeling of nothingness after an intense period of busyness or excitement.

When you finally stop. And breathe. And then you get bored.

I’m not sure this happens to all people. Maybe I just have deep psychological issues. It’s quite possible.

This is something I’ve always struggled with. Post travel. Post film jobs. Post school camp. Especially post travel.

Is it possible to live in a suspended reality where we moved from one excitement to the other? Never stopping and facing the reality of normality?

To live in a world of excitement, and entertainment, and people, and spontaneity — saturated in new experiences. Perpetual freshness.

Maybe my biggest fear is the known and the mundane.

But would this all lose it’s appeal? Would such an existence become a form of escapism and  devoid of meaning?


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