Wise as a toothless owl

The one advantage of getting all 4 wisdom teeth extracted at once, is that it’s something I never have to experience again. I’m quite pleased as I dwell on this fact.

Here’s one insomniac night owl’s recollection of the whole ordeal.

I was on edge from the get go. People are oh so sympathetic when they hear you’re getting your wisdom teeth out. It isn’t exactly reassuring. Particularly from people who have already had their teeth out.

And then there’s that thing about going to the dentist. Most people dislike it at the best of times. I’m sure getting 4 impacted teeth cut out isn’t quite classified as the best of times.

The room seemed geared with extra gadgets and wires for the extraction. It’s like walking into a hospital horror movie, starring yourself.

Luckily the surgeon had smiley eyes. He was a kind soul. And there was also a lovely photo of One Tree Hill hanging directly in front of me.

My nerves were at an all time high as the sedatives were injected.  I remember thinking I should focus on the photo in front of me. As I zoned in on it, I became more and more aware of how beautiful it was. My nerves slowly evaporated. This must be what meditation is like.

“Kesha, how are you feeling?” the nurse enquired. I deflected from myself, enlightening the nurse on just how beautiful the painting was. I must have incoherently murmured about it  for quite sometime, because the next thing I knew I was awake.

The nurse guided me as we walked to my friend’s car. I remember wondering why everyone was staring at me so weirdly. Only later did I realise I was shaking uncontrollably and I had dried blood staining my front teeth. How charming.

As the anesthetic wore off the pain really started to kick in. It was like a pain I’ve never felt before, not piercing but a constant aching — certainly with its own vibrance.

In the midst of all the painkillers, pumpkin soup and distraction TV; I did wonder why in fact they were called wisdom teeth at all. I’m guessing it’s because they grow later in life, but I’m not quite satisfied by this explanation.

And now I’ve had them extracted what does that do in terms of my level of wisdom? Am I now less wise? Or wiser still? And can I attribute the fact I cried like a baby in foetal position (when no one was watching) to the fact I still have two baby teeth?

I have a feeling teeth and wisdom may not be related at all.

The remains of my wisdom teeth

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