It’s a kinda magic

Occasionally you go somewhere new and it resonates you. I guess that’s why we travel, perpetually in search of that something special.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica instantly hit me as somewhere a little big magical. I felt both at home, yet utterly enchanted. I guess it’s a little bit like love.

My newfound friend Leah from LA is huge on energies. I stayed behind in Bocos del Toro, Panama and she messaged me “Kesha, you’ve got to get here – you’ll love it”

She was right. The energy of this place feels good. Earthy. Chilled. Authentic. Beautiful. Coupled with a Caribbean rasta-love and the “Pura Vida” (Pure Life) meaning to enjoy and appreciate the simplicities of life.

And I do. Everything I see makes me smile. I’m pretty sure I haven’t stopped beaming since I arrived. Though I’ve had my fair share of homemade icecreams, chocolate, and fresh veggie juices all under a sun that like me is beaming.

Push bikes are the main means of travel here, complete with a cute wee basket. If you’re on a budget one can suffice for two, though this can be a difficult feat – particularly by night with no street lights.

By both day and night tops aren’t required. A bikini is sufficient, and it’s so hot I’m not one to protest. It’s liberating. Besides, I stopped wearing a bra and make up a long time ago.

Beautiful stretches of surf beaches are surrounded by intense jungle, and down the jungle roads you bike at your own leisure. Always looking for the next swim or cafe stop.

Artisan products and homemade chocolate are proclaimed on café jungle side boards, as well as yoga, massages and surfing.

Today a guy offered me a free surf board for as long as I wanted, in exchange for being his Girlfriend. I thanked him kindly for the generous offer, but said I was happy to pay $10 to hire the board.

Although this is the type of place I could set up camp and chill for ions in the happy vibes of the Pura Vida.

Unfortunately I’ve only got a week left in Central America and felt the itch to keep moving.

I was pondering over a breakfast for one what to do next – the options were endless. Later I ran into an Aussie couple I met on my boat to Panama. They happened to be leaving in 2 days for Nicaragua via some white water rafting. That sounded good to me, did they mind if I joined?

Next stop, somewhere on route. To be continued…20140725-002939-1779660.jpg






Costa Rica erupts in rose petals

This is my world.

I work in the land of TV Commercials, and I’m a hopeless wanderer who is in fact jetting off on a little trip to Costa Rica in a few months. For me this is the perfect fusion of likes.

This advert is why I work in the industry I do. I like art. And the idea of helping create something both beautiful and powerful in its simplicity.

Sony’s latest TVC uses 8 million rose petals, blasting them from Irazú’s Volcano into the surrounding indigenous village. Apparently it took two weeks to collect all the rose petals. I imagine the scent on set must have been out of this world.

I’m only 5 months behind.. worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet. RY X’s song Berlin is beautiful, immediately adding RY X to my Spotify. Hoping one day I’ll get to work on something as sweet as this.

flower-petal-explosion-sony-4k-ultra-hd-1This article provides interesting insights into the production process. Rose petal fridge trucks, imagine!

Here’s a link to the making of the TV Commercial. Loved watching the expressions on the local kids faces.


Hasta Pronto Colombia!

It is done.

I fly — AUCKLAND —  MELBOURNE — LOS ANGELES — BOGOTA — where I’ll spend arround a month in Colombia. The rest is open ended, but planning to sail to PANAMA and meander around there & COSTA RICA before flying from there back to LA, then home.

2 months. 8 weeks. 56 days.

I can do anything. It’s a liberating thought.

The Caribbean, the Amazon, colonial towns, tropical islands — it’s all going to be happening.

In 3 1/2 months I’ll be taking off on a trip I’ve been contemplating for years. Dreaming, pondering and finally the timing seems right. I’m not 14, but I am on the #YOLO band wagon. And while I haven’t conned anyone into joining me, there will be a few friends along the way.

This will be my 3rd time to South America, the love affair continues…

I never made it to Colombia, but it was rated by all the traveller’s I met along the Gringo trail. Central America also sounds my kinda place.

I love the Latino culture – the mix of passion and tranquilo. I feel at home amongst it, and with my curly brown hair and olive skin I blend right in until I speak. I definitely need to work on my Spanish.

Been that side of the world before? Love to hear your thoughts. For those readers who travel vicariously, MANY a photo to follow… Like my blog on Facebook for photos and posts along the way 🙂