Day 2 waking up back in New Zealand. My plan to sleep in destroyed by an insatiable hunger and a little bit of jet lag. It’s 7am.

I lie in bed willing myself to go back to sleep, yet I feel more awake then I have in a very long time. 2 early nights have apparently done me well.

I wonder what time it is in Los Angeles, in Central America. I think about all the things that are happening over there. I think about myself, and what I’m going to do today. Nothing rushes to mind, so I linger in bed warmed by a heater not the sun — a first in a very long time.

I gaze at the roof of my bedroom, willing it to burst open and transport me back to a hot balmy climate. A place where I have nothing to do each day but peruse at my leisure, eat what I feel and chat to whomever I wish.

I don’t feel sad or bored, just a lingering happiness as I nostalgically ponder all that has been. After being saturated with people it’s nice to sit isolated in my own company and reflect.

9 weeks went so fast, and yet it feels like a lifetime I was away. All the memories, and places and the people still exist but now just in a facet of my imagination. It feels as if it was all one beautiful dream. I’d love to fall back into its blissful sleep but I have awoken. I feel fresh, alive, tranquillo and happy — happier than I remember feeling in a very long time.

While I could ponder these abstract whimsical ideas infinitely, once again I’m driven by my desire to eat. I grab my fleece dressing gown, brace the brisk winter and head into the kitchen to cook my first meal in a very long time.

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