Ohh Melbourne

Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start.

MELBOURNE! I’ve long been enchanted with Melbourne. They call it the Europe of Australasia. Australia’s Capital of Arts.  The Hipster heart of Australia. And it keeps winning the world’s most liveable city. I’d argue, as it’s so damn cold every time I go, but there is something that keeps drawing me back.

Melbourne’s attraction is subtle and experiental. I love the soul of the place. There’s a little bit of a rivalry between the North and South side, and have to say I’m all for the North. Maybe I’m a little bit hipster and bohemian at heart or maybe I just fancy things that are a little less polished, and rougher around the edges.

It’s an area that’s a little bit delighting to wander through… the creative feel, the street art, the quaint cafes, the eclectic eateries, the rustic vibes, the fashion, and the people watching. The food is wonderful, the coffee is good and everyone seems in the know about whole foods and green living.

One thing I did find extraordinarily weird was how cold it was, and yet no one wore a coat. They insisted on wearing light cardigans, even in the dregs of the night – in winter! I was baffled. Maybe the Melbournites have acclimatised to the freezing conditions. Or maybe they are just too hip to wear winter woolies.

Here’s a few photos back in June, freezing my tits off right at the start of Melbourne’s oh so brisk winter.


Hot Toddy + DJ + Artist

Shoe Shopping in Adundance

The Streets of Fitzroy

Immersed in Street Art

All space is utilised



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